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Growth through automation and flexibility








Trusting in-house quality

When quality parts are clamped in the component production department of Tribur Invent using products from the company’s own sister enterprise Triag International, this could be called a clamping system „clamping itself“. And the results are impressive.

Clamping system for use in milling

The wide range of modules, the speed of change-over and the extensibility of its products enable the clamping systems of Triag International AG to be used in milling in all sectors of the metalworking industry.

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Set up more quickly, manufacture more economically

Flexibility is the most important thing when the contract manufacturer Bärtle in Albstadt gets to work on processing its machining orders. The technology which makes Bärtle as flexible as possible includes a modular clamping system from Triag for small to large workpieces of all kinds.

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Five-axis machining with multiple clamping

The innovative Sputnik clamping block from the clamping technology specialists TRIAG International AG makes it possible for the first time to clamp up to eight components, so that they are accessible for machining from five sides with no interfering contours.

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TRD uses modular tombstone fixtures to improve production of cylinder components by over 40%

ADVANCED MACHINE & ENGINEERING (AME) provides solutions to run 56 different blocks sizes at rockford-area machine shop.

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Flexibility, economy and speed

Triag International has launched the ZSM and ZSB centric workholding series for flexible clamping of wide-ranging workpieces during 5-axis machining. Their stock in trade: outstanding adjustability due to their modular design.

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