Custom-made products

  • Triag provides the professional expertise necessary to find an efficient clamping solution that is tailored to your needs.
  • You take no risk because you know that the basic solution has already been tried and tested
  • You create more added value
  • Your design and development departments benefit from the latest know-how

Triag International AG has not only been a pioneer and manufacturer of clamping technology products for the past 25 years. Thanks to the modern production facility that we use to manufacture our clamping modules in Allenwinden, we know exactly which aspects of clamping can lead to problems. This expertise allows us to constantly come up with new ideas and to continuously improve and adapt our products. In the process of improving our own production, we have invented quite a few new products.

Client-specific, custom-made products are based on our powerCLAMP clamping technology system. You can achieve a high degree of flexibility and large clamping densities with these modular systems. Our solutions can also be adapted to customer specifications that are based on standardised single components. That makes them less expensive than products that have to be designed from scratch.

  • Steel coated epoxy cube with powerCLAMP-modules for the production of aeroplane wing parts. The cubes mesure 200 x 400 x 1330 millimeters each.
  • The customer was looking for a special clamping variation for vacuum clamping. Triag build it up.