oppSYSTEM - zero point clamping system – for quick reclamping

  • Exact positioning on the machine table
  • Shorter machine downtimes
  • Exchanging pallets within seconds
  • Automated loading and unloading

oppSYSTEM is a palletising system: A pallet carrier mounted on the machine table of the machine tool and at least two pallets or workpiece carriers equipped with centring and clamping bushes. The interface between pallet carrier and pallet makes it possible to quickly (within seconds) exchange the pallets, onto which the workpiece that is to be machined is mounted and positioned outside of the machine tool. This increases the productivity of the machine and thereby the profitability of the entire company.

The design also makes automated loading and unloading via a feeding device possible. The oppSYSTEM is one of the most precise zero point clamping systems: 750,000 clamping operations without reference loss are possible with oppSYSTEM. Pneumatic release with approximately 6 bar.