Clamping technology solutions from Triag International AG are used in all industries. They are used in conventional milling machines as well as in the most modern 5-axis machining centers. All Triag International products are designed for a long service life and best functionality.

The expert eye often sees more than any catalog can describe. Therefore we have attached a few application examples. We would be happy to discuss your specific application and advise you which clamping variant is most efficient for you.

  • Automated machining with robot placement
  • Efficient 5-axis machining
  • Strong cutting: even oversized workpieces can be clamped securely with the powerCLAMP modules.
  • 8 parts with an individual weight of 38 kilograms could only be clamped thanks to the combination of steel mineral casting and microClamp. The maximum payload weight of 600 kilograms was only undercut by a few kilos!
  • 84 parts are clamped to a tower using microCLAMP clamping technology and are each produced unmanned at night, harvest time is in the morning!