aptoCLAMP - modular clamping system for heavy roughing

  • Very stable, robust construction and therefore high precision
  • Modules can be taken off from above, no extension necessary
  • No T-grooves that could become contaminated
  • Interlocking positioning
  • Gearing not exposed to the workpiece
  • Pull down and linear clamping possible
  • Clamping force up to 7’000 daN

aptoCLAMP is a further development of the powerCLAMP system: it is used to machine workpieces produced by means of heavy roughing, which can be very large and weigh up to several thousand kilograms. It is also based on a base rail.

In addition to using transverse gearing for positioning the clamping modules, aptoCLAMP also has an anchoring system for locking on the longitudinal gearing. This right-angle wedging allows high stability even for heavy plates or blocks. The clamping modules rest on a surface that has been ground with precision. This allows the clamping module to be extremely friction locked and precisely affixed at the base rail. However, clamping modules can easily be moved along the base as needed. Just as with the powerCLAMP system, when exchanging modules, they can simply be lifted off from above and must not be extended from the rail.