microCLAMP - clamping modules for fixture construction – with high clamping density

  • Compact clamping modules allow for a high clamping density
  • Only 15 mm needed between workpieces
  • Direct stamping modules from clamping depth 1.8 mm
  • Clamping stroke from 1.5 mm
  • Clamping force up to 2800 daN
  • Exact positioning with locating screws and locating pins
  • Clamping module widths: 22 – 125 mm/depths 14 – 50 mm
  • Pull down jaws and linear jaws available

These small microCLAMP clamping modules are well suited for fixture construction. The clamping modules have a pull down jaw on the front. The rear side is ground accurately to the size of the fastening bores. This allows the stop surface to be used for the subsequent workpiece. This alignment allows for an extremely high clamping density. The smallest microCLAMP module requires a clamping distance of only 15 mm but the clamping force is still 1000 daN.

This clamping system is designed for customer-specific special devices that emphasise highest workpiece density in the working space of machining centres. The modules generally have a pull-down effect. However, modules with linear parallel infeed for vice-like clamping are also available.