1st April 1990
Foundation of Triag AG in Cham ( Edi Zängerle, Ursula Landtwing, Susanne Michel and Beat Baumgartner 25 percent of the shares)

October 1990
First designs are made by Edi Zängerle for our own Clamping System in the series of MicroCLAMP.

March 1991
First MicroCLAMP-modules are realised on the market and published in the Newspaper SMM.

October 1991
Beat Baumgartner comes up with the idea for a modular clamping system: applying for the nonius positioning patent.
As a result, the TwinCLAMP modular clamping system is created, and it later evolves into the CompactCLAMP. A nonius-based MicroCLAMP as well as the SlimCLAMP are also built!

March 1996
Susanne Michel leaves Triag AG and sells her share of the company equally to the remaining three partners.

April 1998
Beat Baumgartner receives a request from a customer who inquires about light, non-aluminium tombstones.
During a long car ride following a visit to a mechanical engineering company in Germany, he comes up with the idea to build a mineral epoxy tombstone.

May 1999
We want to speed up reclamping: modular clamping systems must be easy to handle. This is implemented with a patent for the PowerCLAMP family of products!

November 2001
The first steel epoxy mineral tombstones are built.

May 2002
Edi Zängerle begins his well-deserved retirement and sells his shares of the company in equal parts to Ursula Landtwing and Beat Baumgartner.

June 2002
Move to the company-owned building in Allenwinden.

August 2006
Patent application for the extremely strong aptoCLAMP modular clamping system.

1st July 2013
Due to the succession plan and in order to be able to focus on core competencies, Triag AG is split.
Triag AG remains with the Landtwing family and will concentrate on selling tools and clamping systems in Switzerland.
Beat Baumgartner takes over Triag International AG and the production and worldwide distribution of clamping devices as well as the epoxy mineral foundry.

April 2015
Formation of the company Triag Germany GmbH in Bretten

August 2015
Signature for a new building in Boesch 6331 Hünenberg

1st March 2017
Moving into the new building in Bösch Hünenberg