Unique modular clamping system

«80 percent of machining centres are not used to full capacity. That means our customers are wasting precious clamping area. However, with clamping solutions from Triag, clamping systems are adapted to the workpiece AND the machine.»

While it is common practice to utilise every bit of space in a residential building – from the basement to the attic – the same cannot be said when it comes to clamping. Compared to a vice or another conventional device, modular clamping technology uses a much larger clamping area. Changeovers can be completed quickly and many more workpieces can be clamped at once.


With the unique interface of our modular clamping technology system, Triag International AG offers the fastest clamping system in the world. Our base rails do not have T-grooves, which means that you can equip the base rail anew at any position and at any time. Just loosen a screw, lift off the module and place the desired module onto the rail.