tripoxyMINERAL - epoxy mineral and steel epoxy mineral tombstones

  • Light: The specific weight is less than that of aluminium
  • Vibration damping 10x better than that of grey cast iron
  • Slower thermal growth
  • Predetermined breaking point in case of collision
  • Does not rust
  • Boreholes M12/12G6
  • Base plates according to machine specification

tripoxyMINERAL are light, and therefore machine-preserving, mineral epoxy tombstones that can be used as an alternative to heavy cast iron or steel tombstones. Due to increasingly quick horizontal machining centres, weight reduction of the load is an important factor.

Triag International AG has been offering epoxy mineral tombstones for a few years. They consist of a mixture of crushed stone and an epoxy bonding agent. They feature a reduced specific weight compared to aluminium and their vibration damping is ten times better than that of grey cast iron tombstones. This means that high feed rates can be used when machining in the upper area of the tombstone. In certain cases, for example when workpieces are clamped directly onto the tombstone (without base rails), a steel enclosed epoxy mineral tombstone can be the right solution.

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