News & Specials 2023

Navigating towards efficiency – Navigating through SPACE, TIME and CEREAL.




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News & Specials 2023

There are cosmic efficiency reserves inside your CNC-Machine. Use the entire machining space and minimize the spindle downtime to reach the highest level of your production efficiency. In the News & Specials 2023, you will find out what factors play an important role in this. We also present our latest product launches, special offers and an updated overview of our product portfolio. Enjoy!

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You can’t turn back time! So use it wisely. A multiple workholding solution is a great way to minimize the spindle downtime.

The use of SPACE and TIME is the fundament of our machining philosophy. powerCLAMP adapts flexibly to the machine and the workpiece. The available machining space can be fully used.

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